Healthy Habits Coaching

Do you have a nagging food monkey chattering in your head?

 “What should I eat for breakfast?”

 “I’m so BAD!  I shouldn’t have eaten that pizza!”

 “I wonder how many calories are in this bagel?”

   “Wow, look at her!  I wish I could look that good!”



Imagine shutting up that nagging monkey for good!


√ You want to improve your health and feel increased energy and vitality so you can easily continue (or get back to) doing all the fun things in life you have always enjoyed….. or even have enough “get-up-and-go” to try something new!

  You’re exhausted from riding the dieting roller coaster and constantly obsessing about food and your weight

  You’re sick of feeling like a failure every time you step on the scale

  You’re losing the battle against discouragement

  You wish you could finally feel proud of the way you look so you can head out the door with confidence


It’s time to improve your health, get the body you’ve always wanted and say goodbye to dieting forever!


  Make YOUR health a priority for once (instead of spending all your energy looking after your spouse, your kids and/or your parents) allowing you to reclaim your identity and get to a place where YOU recognize YOU again

  Leave the negative energy of struggling with your weight and fitness behind so you can stop the insanity

  Be a good role model for your children, live to keep up with your grandchildren and slide through the rest of your life screaming “what a ride!” rather than slowly sinking into old age


Work with a professional, caring and trained nutrition coach (that’s me!). Together we will use a personalized, habit based nutrition and lifestyle program to get you in the best shape of your life….and stay that way for good!


  You can have all the information in the world — all the diet books, exercise programs, weight loss groups, YouTube videos….but without someone there to show you the EXACT next step to take, and to ensure you take it….odds are you won’t get very far.

 That’s where I come in.  My name is Christen Kwan, I am a Level 1 Precision Nutrition certified coach

  When it comes to your health and fitness it’s important to have someone monitor your progress, keep you accountable and help you stay consistent

  I will work with you to determine the EXACT next steps to take, at each point in your journey so you can FINALLY break out of the cocoon that has been holding you back from becoming your vision of the “ideal you”

  With motivation, support and accountability you’ll overcome challenges that have stopped you for years and finally get in the best shape of your life…..for the rest of your life


Core Ten’s Healthy Habits Coaching program bridges the gap between knowing what you are supposed to do and finding real-life, workable strategies to actually do it.


  This 6 month online and/or in-person coaching program will help you make a gradual switch to long term thinking. No more “I’ll diet/workout/cut alcohol or sugar ” for one week then binge on the weekend and start all over again on Monday

  The program is designed to instill powerful new habits – one small step at a time – you’ll discover how to reclaim your body (and yourself) and finally be comfortable in your own skin (and in your skinny jeans)!

  You will receive consistent motivation and close personal support from a caring coach (that’s me!) collaborating with you to win the battle with discouragement, leaving your frustration with childhood food issues in the dust

  Mastering each small step on your journey will help you change the bad habits you’ve been having trouble ditching and get rid of the extra weight that won’t quit

  Core Ten’s Healthy Habits Coaching is a personalized nutrition & lifestyle program that fits into YOUR life; it’s not a “one-size-fits-all” diet that NEVER works and leaves you feeling misunderstood. Your unique needs, goals and lifestyle are all taken into consideration


How does Healthy Habits Coaching Work?


√ At the start of the program, you will meet with me, your certified nutrition coach, for an hour (in-person, via phone or online) to establish goals, assess and record baseline measurements, review expectations and accountability systems, set a schedule for check-in meetings, and discuss any questions you might have

  You’ll start with just ONE new daily habit to practice

  Every few days you’ll get a lesson via email to help you practice your current healthy habit.  Your time commitment will be about 10 – 20 minutes for each lesson

√ Every 2 weeks we will have a 30 – 45 minute check-in meeting (in-person, via phone or online) to assess your progress, celebrate your successes, answer questions and troubleshoot any problems that may have come up for you

  Throughout the program, you’ll get regular feedback and support from me, and you can reach out to me directly anytime via email or text

You’ll also have access to our Healthy Habits private Facebook group so you can share ideas, thoughts and experiences with other coaching participants.  I will also be chiming in regularly with extra tips, tricks, recipes and more

  A new healthy habit will be introduced every two weeks. Each habit is designed to help you get closer to your goals

  As you build these habits, one on top of the other, you’ll start to notice changes. Not only in the way you look and feel, but also in the actions you take when it comes to making healthy choices

  Pretty soon, these habits will become second nature to you

  By the end of the 6-month program you’ll be using these habits without much thought at all. They’ll just be a natural part of your life


How much does Healthy Habits coaching cost?


The regular price of this highly effective, hands-on lifestyle coaching program is $260.00 per month.

We only launch 3 times per year!  Our next launch is September 4, 2018.

If you add your name to our presale list before Friday, August 31, 2018 you will receive a 25% discount!  Your cost will be ONLY $195.00 per month (less than the cost of one dinner out per week).  You will get an additional 10% discount if you pay for the entire 6 months in advance!

Don’t forget to join our presale list by Friday, August 31, 2018 for our next launch on September 4, 2018.  Your future body will thank you!!


What will be expected of you?


  That you….

  1. take the first step
  2. commit to the program, and
  3. trust the process

  But don’t put pressure on yourself to be perfect

  This is not an all-or-nothing program. It’s about progress, not perfection

  When you have bad days (and you will), simply show up the next day. When you get stuck, ask for help. That’s what I’m here for

  Just show up. And keep showing up. That’s all I ask

   The Healthy habits curriculum is six months long by design; the full benefits will only be reached by completing the entire program.  You are required to commit to a minimum of three months (about 10 – 20 minutes per day), after which if you are not satisfied you are free to cancel


Is Healthy Habits Coaching right for YOU?


This program is designed for you if:

   You’re between 18 and 75 years old

   You’ve got some fat to lose, and/or you want to get fitter, stronger and healthier

   You’re ready to be cared for and coached in your health, fitness, and well-being


This program is NOT for you if:

   You’re looking for a super-quick fix

   You’re a figure/fitness competitor, model, or advanced level athlete who is very lean year-round.  If this is YOU check out our nutritional consulting and our competition coaching services!


Healthy Habits Coaching clients start with a range of backgrounds, goals, and lifestyles. But they all tend to have a few things in common:


  They’re smart, proactive people who won’t settle for another gimmicky diet or short-term way to lose weight

  They’re ready to break up with emotional eating, restrictive diets, and time-consuming workouts

  They’re done with the dieting roller coaster of: lose weight, gain weight, lose weight, and gain weight

  They’re willing to accept help. And they’re ready for real, lifelong change


Are you ready to make the changes that will EMPOWER YOU to be the best you can be?



√  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.  

√  Don’t look back 6 months from now and wish you had taken control of your habits and your LIFE!


The Healthy Habits coaching program is only launched 3 times per year. 


In order to be able to give everyone the high level of personal care and attention they deserve, I accept very few clients in each launch. Enrollment is first come-first served.  


By joining the presale list before Friday August 31, 2018 you’ll be first in line when registration opens for our September 4, 2018 launch AND you’ll receive a discount!  


Act now we only have a limited number of spots available!

I want to be FIRST in line AND I want a discount!



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