Do you have a nagging food monkey chattering in your head?

  • “What should I eat for breakfast?
  • I’m so bad…I shouldn’t have eaten that pizza last night!
  • I wonder how many calories are in this bagel.
  • Wow, look at that ….I wish I could look that good…..I’ll NEVER look that good…..”
    • Your exhausted from riding the dieting roller coaster and constantly obsessing about food and your weight
    • You’re sick of feeling like a failure every time you step on the scale
    • You're losing the battle against discouragement
    • You wish you could finally feel proud of the way you look so you can head out the door with confidence

    Imagine shutting up that nagging monkey for good!

    • Leave the negative energy of struggling with your weight and fitness behind so you can stop the insanity
    • Make YOUR health a priority for once (instead of spending all your energy looking after your spouse, your kids, and/or your parents) allowing you reclaim your identity and get to a place where YOU recognize YOU again
    • Be a good role model for your children, live to keep up with your grandchildren and slide through the rest of your life screaming “what a ride!” rather than slowly sinking into old age.

    Let's work together to make this happen!

    • Core Ten's Healthy Habits Coaching is a personalized nutrition plan that fits into YOUR life; it’s not a “one-size-fits-all” diet that NEVER works and leaves you feeling misunderstood.
    • This one year coaching program, powered by Precision Nutrition, will help you make a gradual switch to long term thinking. No more “I’ll diet/workout/cut alcohol or sugar " for one week then binge on the weekend and start all over again on Monday
    • Using software designed to instill powerful new habits – one small step at a time - you'll discover how to reclaim your body (and yourself) and finally be comfortable in your own skin (and in your skinny jeans)!
    • Your daily mini-lessons (that you can read or listen to) will lead you to a body you are proud of allowing you to paint the town red with confidence
    • You will receive consistent motivation and personal support from a caring coach (that's me!) collaborating with you to win the battle with discouragement, leaving your anger with childhood food issues in the dust.
    • Mastering each small step on your journey will help you change the bad habits you've been having trouble ditching and get rid of the extra weight that won’t quit.
    • Core Ten's Healthy Habits Coaching program bridges the gap between knowing what you are supposed to do and finding real-life, workable strategies to actually do it.

    You're ready to make the changes that will EMPOWER YOU to be the best you can be?

    Join the 50,000 Precision Nutrition clients that have lost almost 1,000,000 pounds!

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.


    Don’t look back a year from now and wish you had taken control of your habits and your LIFE!
    Work with a coach that is passionate about inspiring, motivating and encouraging you with compassion, respect, and empathy.

    Let’s work together to shut that monkey up and discover the 'ideal you' that you can picture in your head!

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