Popular weight loss supplements – do they work?

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I was going to write a kick-butt article regarding the efficacy (or lack thereof) of weight-loss supplements.  In my research, however, I immediately found an evidence-based article written Kris Gunnars, BSc on the “Authority Nutrition” website and thought “why re-invent the wheel”? Hope this is cool…..but here’s a link to the article.  It’s simple to read, […]

Core Ten’s Top 10 list of supplements for health.

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Do you find that the shelves and shelves of supplements available in any sports nutrition, health food or drug store overwhelming?  You’re not alone! It’s hard to know how much of the marketing hype to believe and which supplements you might actually need to promote optimal health & wellness.   Let us help you whittle down […]

How much exercise do you really need?

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  You’re committed to losing weight and improving your health but you’re wondering how much exercise you really need to achieve your goals. Reaping the health benefits of exercise might be easier than you think! Will 10,000 steps a day be enough? Do I have to take up jogging? I hate the gym scene….is it […]