Covid-19 Safety Plan

Pursuant to the "Order of the Provincial Health Officer of BC"  
Core Ten's Covid-19 Safety Plan is as follows:

If you feel unwell at all, for any reason, please do NOT come to the gym (regardless of whether or not you think it might be Covid-19 related). This is our normal "sick" policy which is more important now than ever.  You will not be charged for a last-minute cancellation related to sickness (or suspicion thereof).  Please do, however, give us as much notice as possible.  Don't wait to the last minute thinking that the symptoms "might pass".
If you are required to be self-isolating, do NOT come to the gym. If you have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19 (or is suspected to have Covid-19) or have been in an environment where there has been a known Covid-19 outbreak, please do NOT come to the gym for at least two weeks after contact or exposure.  If you've been travelling out of the country, please do NOT come to the gym until two weeks after your return home.  
Wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds (or sanitize with hand sanitizer) upon arrival at the gym as well as before leaving. There is soap, paper towel and a no-touch waste basket available in the washroom. Hand sanitizer is also provided at the front of the gym for this purpose (although it has been shown that washing is more effective).  There is also hand sanitizer on the shelf midway through the gym. We are also washing our hands on a very regular basis...before, during as well as between every session.
If you cough or sneeze, please cover up (using your elbow) and then immediately wash your hands again. Of course, we will do the same.
PLEASE enter the gym at your exact scheduled appointment time.  If you arrive early, please wait in your car until your exact appointment time.  Sessions will be 55 minutes in length, ending precisely 55 minutes after the scheduled start time of your session. It might be tempting to stay and chat, but we ask that you respect our time and head out promptly. This is to allow time for us to thoroughly sanitize all touched surfaces before the start of the next session.  It also allows safe crossovers between clients. 
We are sanitizing all equipment on an "as touched" basis, including the cardio equipment, barbells, dumbbells, machine handles, benches etc..  We are using hospital-grade sanitizer that is certified to be effective on coronavirus (see notice posted on the wall above the counter). Please don't take offence if we are sanitizing during your session. This is being done in order to help us remember what needs to be cleaned and to be efficient and effective in our sanitizing procedures.
We are also regularly sanitizing high-touch surfaces such as door handles (bathroom and front door), faucets, flush handle, water cooler button and spout, light switches etc.) This is a time-consuming process.  As always, we are doing our very best to stay on time to give you the ultimate care and attention that you deserve.  Please understand, our duty to keep everyone safe may occasionally end up cutting into your session by a minute or two but we'll avoid this if at all possible.
Please bring your own pre-filled water bottle. Although we are regularly sanitizing the water cooler button and spout, it's best if you can bring your own pre-filled water bottle with you for your workout.  If you need to refill your water during your workout, we kindly ask that you use the regular tap.
Physical distancing is here to stay for the foreseeable future.  We will maintain a safe distance from you as best as we can.  This means that we are no longer doing close spotting nor assisted stretching (unless absolutely necessary).  We're highly experienced in ensuring that you remain safe while doing the prescribed exercises, and we'll never be too far away to help if assistance in the safe completion of any movement is needed.
Please maintain a physical distance of 2 metres (6 ft.) of others in the gym as per the most recent BC health orders regarding "Indoor Exercise".
We ask that you PLEASE respect our "bubbles" and maintain appropriate physical distancing from us as well.  We, too, have ourselves and our families to protect.  Remember, if one of us gets sick, NOBODY gets to workout.
We are not allowing more than 5 people at once (including trainers) in the gym until further notice
Partner sessions are limited to two people that are from the same household or are already in the same close "social bubble" as defined by Dr. Bonnie HenryGroup sessions are not available at this time.
At home workouts via "Zoom" online have been very effective and will continue to be offered at Core Ten.  If you're interested in giving an online guided personal training session a try (no matter what equipment you may or may not have at home), let us know.  It's been working really well!

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