The following are testimonials from actual Core Ten clients:

“Chris and Mark have put together a facility unique to the North Shore. The opportunity to train together as a couple is both motivational and economical. In our mid-eighties, Core Ten has helped us regain lost strength and balance.” – Bob & Betty K.

“I’ve been training with Chris for the past several years. She is a professional through and through .. you know you are receiving top-notch advice.. she knows when to push and when to ease back .. what more could a person want in a trainer who you’ve entrusted to guide you to being the best you can be?   The gym is private, respectful, clean and well-equipped .. again .. what more can you ask for?   I would highly recommend Chris – she is a lovely, friendly person!” – Cathy S.

“As a health professional, I have never believed in fad diets…Christen taught me that a few simple changes to my diet could help get me closer to my goal weight. After 12 weeks of easy, nutritional, lifestyle changes…I have lost 19 lbs. I can finally fit into my *skinny* clothes, have more energy, and am comfortable with my body. Chris is amazing. She listens to your goals, likes, dislikes, and tailors your nutritional plan to meet your needs.” – Amber R.

“Whenever the subject of exercise comes up, I always mention my very positive experience at Core Ten. Originally, I planned to learn exercise tips and then carry on at the club where I have a lifetime membership. Yes, I know my way around a lot of gym equipment; however, it’s been close to two years since I’ve attended your gym, but I keep attending. I’m notorious for losing interest in an exercise regimen, but the Core Ten experience differs. I suspect having a set appointment is incentive enough to show up regularly and consistently. But there’s more of a reason: I enjoy our hour together, I enjoy your accommodating my taste in music, I enjoy your welcoming, positive attitude and the varied exercises. As I get bored easily, the exercise “toys” you provide enhance the experience. Now, when I go to another gym, I know what to do with their equipment. Ultimately, this consistent weight training from Chris and, at times, from Mark has given me core strength so that I don’t injure myself. Thanks, Chris and Mark!” – Catherine S

“Anyone looking for a top-rate personal trainer who will get you to do things you didn’t think you could do should contact Chris and Mark at Core Ten Physical Evolutions. They are knowledgeable, professional, and can keep you laughing. I am a huge fan.”  – Lindsie T

“Christen’s infectious enthusiasm propelled me to a level of personal confidence and fitness that I thought was only in the reach of naturally gifted uber-athletes. She gave me the tools to develop the discipline and desire to reach my goals while keeping motivation high.” – Manon P.

“What I like most about personal training at Core Ten is getting a truly customized workout for my age, fitness level and personal goals. I initially felt a little intimidated by the idea of personal training because I thought it was for elite athletes. But I love it, and I’ve never felt so strong and motivated about a fitness program. Chris is a fabulous trainer. She’s positive, supportive, and knows when to push me. I would never work as hard as I do without her guidance.” –  Gail P.

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