Work With Us

We’ll work together to:

√  Maximize your physical potential (by increasing muscle mass and decreasing body fat), allowing you to finally feel confident in your own skin.

  Increase your energy levels so you can live with passion rather than watch life pass by.

√  Reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and more … slide through the rest of your life shouting “what a ride” rather than slowly sinking into old age.

  Experience less stress, reduce depression and become more alert, improve your moods and finally start loving yourself.

  Sleep better every night so you can power through your daily “to-do” list … every day.

  Crush your unique goals, whether they include just being able to climb the stairs without pain OR competing in your first physique competition.

Why Core Ten?

  You’ll receive top-quality customer service at Core Ten that emphasizes individualizing each client’s experience.

√ You’ll enjoy total comfort in a uniquely private, non-judgmental, and friendly environment so you can focus entirely on crushing your goals.

√  With over 50 years of experience combined in the fitness industry, Chris, Evan & Mark have the knowledge and skills to offer you creative, safe and effective programs. You’ll get a different workout every time to beat boredom and plateaus.

√  We know what it takes to be successful; we can educate, motivate and inspire you to reach your highest potential and the body of your dreams.

√  At Core Ten, you’ll experience unrivalled personal attention, care and support every step of the way to becoming your ideal vision of YOU

You’re ready to make the changes needed to live the life of your dreams. We’re here to help you get there…

… Let’s get started!

Private Personal Training:

Private one-on-one training:  Reach your goals with individual care and attention from an experienced, knowledgeable and caring trainer in a uniquely private training studio.

Partner & group training:  The same excellent results with extra support and motivation from friends, family or coworkers.

Ultrasound body fat measurement: Consistently assess and monitor your body composition with our unique, fast, non-invasive and highly accurate Body Metrix Ultrasound Body Fat measurement system.

Healthy Habits Coaching:

A six-month habit-based nutrition & lifestyle program that bridges the gap between knowing what you’re supposed to do and finding real-life, workable strategies for actually doing it!

Elite Meal Plans:

If you’re an elite athlete, a model, or a fitness competitor who is lean year-round, the healthy habits coaching program might not be suitable for you. We can work with you to devise a detailed meal plan to help you improve your sports performance or prepare for your next competition.

Competition Coaching:

We’ll help you formulate an effective competition strategy and guide you step-by-step to the contest stage with a winning physique and sensational stage presence.

Infrared Sauna:

Relax and enjoy the many health benefits offered by our state-of-the-art infrared sauna.


Relax even more and recover from your workout faster after an expert massage with Mark.

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