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Transform your health and your body ... without dieting!

Using my Body Breakthrough Method, I help women in midlife who are struggling with extra weight, break the cycle of yo-yo dieting caused by cravings, emotional eating and unhealthy habits. This unique approach results in better health and guilt free self-care leading to permanent weight-loss, less stress and more self-confidence for life ... all without dieting and deprivation!

You want to improve your health and feel increased energy so you can easily continue (or get back to) doing all the fun things in life you've always enjoyed ... or even have the 'get-up-and-go' to try something completely new
You're exhausted from riding the dieting roller coaster and constantly obsessing about food and your weight
You have a closet full of clothes that don't quite fit anymore
You wish you could finally feel proud of the way you look so you can head out the door with a skip in your step
You feel like you're constantly caring for everyone else and have forgotten how to take care of yourself

It's time to improve your health, transform your body and say goodbye to dieting forever!

Most people turn to dieting when trying to lose weight and improve their health.  Diets involve rules, deprivation, and call upon outrageous levels of willpower. Diets are simply not sustainable long-term
Once you stop following the rules of a diet, it's just natural to slip right back into your old behaviors and patterns, causing any weight you may have lost (and often more) to sneak back on.  In addition, diets do very little to improve your long-term health

Healthy Habits Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching bridges the gap between knowing what you are supposed to do and finding real-life, workable strategies to actually do it.

You know that in order to improve your health, lose weight and get in better shape you need to eat better and exercise more ... but why can't you do it consistently?  Why do you always DO the things you said you wouldn't and NOT DO the things you said you would?  You're not alone in this self-sabotage behavior and it's NOT your fault!
Ninety-five percent (95%) of your behaviour is controlled at the subconscious level and is automatic.
Everything you see, experience, feel and hear from ages zero to seven is imprinted into your subconscious and forms your identity (the way you see yourself and how you interpret the world around you).  The beliefs, values and habits you have surrounding food, eating and weight originate mainly from these childhood experiences and are locked into your subconscious mind. 
As we move into adulthood, many of these belief programs no longer serve us, they become faulty, yet we're unaware that they're there limiting our progress and causing self-sabotage behaviour.  In addition the language we use, repeated thoughts we have, social influences and marketing create new limiting beliefs and aspects of our identity that keep us stuck in these repeated unhelpful behaviour patterns.
Healthy Habits Coaching empowers you to bring your default relationship with food and eating back into your conscious control; allowing you to build new auto-pilot behaviours so you can harness the overwhelmingly important role that your nutritional lifestyle plays in your physical (and mental) health

Work with a trained and caring coach.  Together we'll use my personalized Body Breakthrough Method to get you in the best shape of your life - and stay that way for good!

In this six-month, personalized coaching program I'll gently guide you towards the critical turning points needed to empower lasting change.
Instead of a diet, Healthy Habits Coaching uses a proven habit-based approach; one that is backed by science and has been validated by 'Precision Nutrition' (the outfit with which I'm certified as a nutritional coach) with over 100,000 clients over the past 15 years.
Within the habit-based approach we work together to identify and eliminate limiting beliefs and false assumptions that are hidden in your subconscious and are holding you back from success.
Simultaneously, one small, easy step at a time, you'll learn, practice and adopt powerful new nutrition and lifestyle habits and establish new behavior patterns. You'll build a new relationship with yourself, food and exercise, allowing you to fundamentally and permanently transform your health and your body

With consistent motivation, gentle accountability and close personal support, you'll finally be able to put an end to mindless emotional and impulse eating, eliminate food cravings and gain confidence in your daily food choices.


Naturally taking control over health issues that are starting to pop up
Discovering how to reclaim your body (and yourself) so you can finally be comfortable in your own skin, and in your favorite jeans!
Saying goodbye to uncontrollable mood swings and putting an end getting rid of the stress and chaos for good 
Improving your sleep quality allowing you to enjoy life to the fullest  
Experiencing increased energy so you can easily keep up with your kids and grandkids.
Having over the top confidence so you never have to feel invisible again

Don't look back six months from now and wish you had taken control of your habits and your life!

 Is Healthy Habits a fit for you?
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What have YOU got to lose?

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

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