One-on-One Training

Private one-on-one personal training:

At Core Ten Physical Evolutions, we combine personal attention, knowledge, commitment and over 50 years of combined experience to create individualized, challenging and fun workouts for clients at all levels of abilities and needs.

Our uniquely private setting allows you to have no distractions, no embarrassment, no intimidation, and no waiting for equipment, just client and trainer focusing on individual personal goals.

We provide:

 Body sculpting

Strength training

  Sports specific training

  Core strength and balance


  Speed, agility & quickness

  Specialized coaching programs explicitly designed for high-performance and competitive athletes.

One-on-one personal training has numerous benefits, including:

  Regularly assessing your level of physical fitness so you can accurately measure your progress.

  Working together to define and achieve realistic health and fitness goals efficiently and effectively, so you’re not wasting your time in the gym.

  Implementing individualized exercise programs tailored to your specific level of fitness, abilities and personality allowing you to enjoy every step of your journey to the new and improved you.

  Closely monitoring your exercise form & technique to maximize results and minimize the risk of injury so you can reach your goals without setbacks.

  Providing accountability and motivation so you can consistently push towards successfully realizing your ideal vision of yourself

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Save money by training with a partner or in a small group

Accurately monitor your body composition using our one-of-a-kind BodyMetrix ultrasound system for measuring your body fat.

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