Our Trainers

Our trainers put the ‘personal’ in personal training and the ‘coach’ in nutrition, life and competition coaching.

Christen Kellogg – PTS, PN1, TYA Life Coach, SB Consistency Coach

Following a 10-year career as a Certified General Accountant, Christen decided to pursue her passion for fitness.  She is now a Can Fit Pro certified personal training specialist, a certified Precision Nutrition coach, a Life Coach certified by the Think Yourself Academy, and a certified consistency coach. She has over 20 years of experience in personal training, nutritional consulting and coaching.

Our trainers:  Christen Kellogg
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In addition to a change in career, after years of being completely sedentary, Chris decided it was time to reclaim her body and made the transformation from “baby fat to bodybuilder.”  She successfully competed in natural bodybuilding for 11 years and has earned many regional, national & world titles.  Chris personally knows what it takes to attain and maintain a lean, mean fitness machine.

Chris’ personal journey from sedentary mother of 3 to winning natural bodybuilder brings inspiration and empathy to your lifestyle change process.  She will gently guide you to re-establish levels of self-confidence you thought were gone forever so you can get to a place where you recognize yourself again and be proud of the way you look and feel.

Using Chris’ extensive knowledge and passion for educating others, you’ll work together to create a personalized program to help you maximize your physical potential so you can look and feel fit, healthy and strong…for life.

Our trainers:  Christen Kellogg
photo by KrystaShorePhotography

With over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, Chris can help you with an infinite variety of safe and effective ways to achieve your goals, so you’ll never have to tolerate boring or repetitive workouts again.  She’ll keep you having fun!

With integrity and attention to detail, Chris will take your special needs and preferences into careful consideration; your training experience will be genuinely personalized.

Chris’ outstanding ability to encourage and motivate will help you stick with your plan and crush any plateaus on the way to the new you.

Chris’ intensely compassionate and caring personality will draw you into a reassuring, comfortable relationship, resulting in an improvement in your overall well-being so you can consistently feel your best both physically and mentally.

Mark Gharibian – PTS

Mark is a Can Fit Pro certified personal training specialist and is a successful National-level competitive bodybuilder with a wealth of knowledge in both fitness training and nutrition. Mark has also achieved national-level status in competitive powerlifting.

With Mark’s extensive background in soft tissue injury rehabilitation and over 25 years of experience,  he is able to effectively handle any special issues or injuries you might be dealing with so you can continue to improve your fitness level safely and efficiently.

Our trainers:  Mark Gharibian

Using his experience with Olympic and National level high-performance athletes, Mark can also work with you to achieve goals that you thought might never be possible.  He can push you to the limit of your abilities safely and precisely.

Mark’s spirited training style will bring a healthy mixture of challenging training and fun to your workout so you can enjoy each and every step of your journey to the best version of you.

Mark was trained by his father, who was an Olympic team physiotherapist for over 35 years.

Evan Wirth, ACE CPT – Behaviour Change and Orthopedic Exercise Specialist

Our trainers: Evan Wirth

Strength training has made a massive difference in Evan’s own life, both mentally and physically. His goal is to help his clients achieve these benefits in their own lives. Having worked for several years in a busy commercial gym, Evan has a vast amount of experience in training clients of all different ages, goals and abilities. He has a vast skill set and passion for strength training, as well as a great deal of experience in all aspects of conditioning, sports-specific training, weight loss and functional training.

Evan loves to talk about anything to do with films, music, art, philosophy, cats and FOOD!

Let’s work together to build the body and the life of your dreams!

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